List of works

Chamber and orchestral works:Ralf

Moments from K : Choreography and chamber music for string quartet. (2020)

Festive overture : Wind orchestra (2018). 1 st Price in FSSMF   competition for orchestral works for wind orchestra. Revised version

People III “Pollution part 2”: Grandpiano, electric guitar, accordion and acoustic and electronic sounds.(2017)

People III “Pollution part 1”: Oboe, wurlitzer and acoustic and electronic sounds .(2016)

People II “Confictus”: for clarinet , bass trombone and percussion and choreography (2014)Vimeo

People: for wind quintet and choreography (2006)

Homage to Wasa: for wind quintet (2006)

Ants: for alto saxophone and symphony orchestra (2002)

Seawinds: for piano,violin and sinfonietta (2001)

Kids: for clarinet choir (1995)

Nyqvist has made over 40 arrangements for symphonic orchestras and ensembles of music from blues and folk music to popular songs and choir arrangements.

Vocal works:

Four songs “Jabalaba, Jambau, Janaa and Jeoeå): for female choir and drum set (2014)

Finlandsvenskt potpurri: mixed choir and orchestra (2008)

Aamulaulu/morning song: mixed choir and sinfonietta (2006)

Yö/Night: female choir and jazz band (2005) Spotify

Poistuva rakkaus/ fading love: female choir and jazz band (2005) Spotify

Meri ja Ranta/ Ocean and the shore: female choir and jazz band (2005) Spotify

Quinntoner: female choir and jazz band (2004)

Rösträtt: female choir (2004)

Rafa: mixed choir and drums set (2000)

Jag/Me: mixed choir (1991)

Big band and other works:

Bridges 2020 ORO big band (2020) Bridges 2020

Jämmer och elände BRO big band (2017) Jämmer och elände B.b. – Full Score

Kvinnfolk BRO big band(2017)

Skum (arr.): vocal and big band (2016) Spotify

Stjärnenatt (arr.): vocal and big band (2016) Spotify

Ulvens rop : female singers and big band (2014) Spotify

Song for the stones: female singers and big band (2014) Song for the stones bigband – Full Score Spotify

Han spelade barken av hårdaste trä (arr.) :vocal ja big band (2014) Han spelade barken av hårdaste trä Score

Davaj(arr.): vocal ja big band (2014)


Inner force (2000)

Jumpappa (2000)

Buggabull (1999)

Count your points (1997) Ultima thule (1997)

The sound of jazz (1997)

Blues in the middle (1993)

Fanfar (1993)

Triss (1991)

Nyqvista has also over 50 arrangements of music for professional and amateur/young big bands like Finnish songs for children performed by Satu Sopanen and Finnish folksongs performed by folk music group Gjallarhorn

He has about 20 charts for young and amateur big bands for easy and educational playing.

He has written music for he’s own ensemble NYT ensemble 2000-2005 and he appears as arranger and composer on about 20 recordings.

As an theather conductor he has made music for musical drama and arranged over 15 well known musicals such as: West side story, My fair lady, The sound of music, Some like it hot, Oliver, Full monty, The wizard from oz, Stop the world I wont to get of, and many more.

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