What happens in the start and in between parts in a musical work? The musicians enter the stage, tunes there instruments , warms up the mouthpiece, exhale and gathers the thoughts for the performance. The audience is waiting. The musicians is waiting. What happens next?

People is a work for wind quintet and one dancer by Ralf Nyqvist where the space between the four movements in the work are flled with activity and motion. One can describe it to be daily activities or as the artist inner feelings and job description. We are following and hearing the people behind the instruments, persons that are shearing there life stories through there music and motion. The work and the performance scrambles the conservative picture of a classical chamber work. It is built up on the close relationship between the musicians and the dancer. Thru the presence of the audience arises a interactive performance where music and dance is making a whole. Everyone in the room are responsible for the fnal outcome.

The choreography is made by Mia Malviniemi and the work had its frst performance in 2010 in cooperation with Vaasa city-orchestras wind quintet.

People II ’Confictus’

People II ’confictus’ is a piece where composer Ralf Nyqvist combines dance, chamber music and audio design. It contains fve movements: I Provocation, II Dispute, III Confrontation, IV Regretted and VI Compromise. The music representers modern contemporary chamber-music and it also contains improvisational parts. The choreography is written as a part of the composition. The music and choreography contains the feeling of provocation, dispute and salvation. The piece is meant to be performed In an ordinary chamber-music reporter concert.

The people in the working gruop are choreograph Mia Malviniemi (malviniemi dance company) and sound designer Stefan Backas. Others are musicians Christoffer Sundqvist clarinet, Mikael Långbacka bass-trombone and Kazutaka Morita on percussion. The dancers are Mia Malviniemi and Antti Seppänen. The piece was frst performed in november 2015 on the Rusk chamber-music festival in Pietarsaari(Finland).