Picture: Mathias Nyqvist


NYT -ensemble album ”Nature poems” from 2002 released on spotify and other stream platforms in december.

Nature poems

Ketola &Nyqvist duo Double image released on spotify and other platforms in december:

Autumn thoughts
Working at Wasa teater with music for plays and as conductor:

– Bothnia paradise

– Potatis rebellerna

– Visor i vintertid

– West side story (at Vaasan kaupunginteatteri as pianist)

Fort big band with Peter Asplund at Doobop club and Jeppis jazzfestival.
Ostrobothnia rhythm orchestra gigs in Jeppis Jazzfestival and Parainen/Pargas.
Ostrobothnia jazz sextet gigs in Helsinki, Kokkola, Mariehamn and Porvoo.


Moments from K for string quartett and dance performance in Vasa 28.9, Seinäjoki 30.9 and Jakobstad 1.10. Produced by Malviniemi Company.Moments from K 
Premier of the musical Botnia Paradise at Wasa teater 18.9 Wasa teater
CD release of the album with OJS 13.9. Spotify
Performing new music from the record ” De bergtagna” with OJS on Etno-espa in Helsinki 6.8. Etno-espa
Conducting and playing in the musical Botnia Paradise at Wasa teater in the fall.
Recording and mixing the album ”De bergtagna” with Ostrobothnia jazz sextet march and april. Record booklet


CD-skivan Undercovid/musik i tysta rum finns till försäljning på följande platser i Österbotten:

CD-levy on myynissä seuravissa paikoissa Pohjanmaalla:

  • Tenho i Vasa på Kyrkoesplanaden/ Kirkkopuistikko 20.
  • Luckan i Karleby (Stadsbiblioteket/ Kaupunkikirjasto).
  • Luckan i Kristinestad på Östra långgatan 49.


Solopiano CD-release “UNDERCOVID/Music for quiet rooms” release date 8 december. Spotify
Christmas concert at Wasa teater:
Consert with music by composers from Ostrobothnia with Bro Big band in Vasa and Jakobstad
Preparatory doctoral studies at Sibelius academy in Helsinki
Premiered music for choreography and string quartet to the project “Dance all year long” in Kokkola/Karleby. The music is 4 movements for strings and choreography for 2 dancers made by Mia Malviniemi. Moments from K premiered in 6.8.2020 in Kokkola. Keski-Pohjanmaan kamariorkesteri
Composing music in april-may for solo piano to be recorded in june-july by myself. A solo record project during the pandemic with financial support by Svensk kulturfonden( The swedish culture foundation i Finland). The idea is to use pianos that can’t be used because off the lock downs on different locations in Osthrobothnia. The music will be released in the fall as a musical documentation of my compositions and solo playing but also as an document of the unusual time of the pandemic.
CANCELED: Arranging new music for Ostrobothnia jazz sextet for summer tour in Swedish and Finnish archipelago.
Composing string quartet music for performance with for Malviniemi dance company in august.
CANCELED: Working with Fort big band for droop club 25-year anneversery consert feat.Peter Aspund as guest solist 21.3.  Doobop club
1 st price in competition for Overture for symphonic wind orchestra. Blå
New composition for BRO big band concert i may in Vasa and Pietarsaari.
Arrangements for Emma Klingenberg performance with lyrics by Tove Jansson at Svenska teatern in Helsinki. Tove Jansson “Visdiktaren”
CANCELED: Musical director at Wasa teater spring 2020.Månskens prinssen


Musical director for Fiddler on the roof at Wasa teater from august 2019. Spelman på taket
Conducting/teaching on the big band camp in Parainen from 22-26.7. Big band Camp at Pjukala
Playing with Ostrobothnia jazz sextet in Turku and Tammisaari in April and May. Sibelius museum
Arranging and conducting music by Jaco Pastorius and Stefan “Kilju” Lindblom with Fort big band in Vasa and Pietarsaari in April. Droop club , JazzOo.r.f.
Conducted West side story in Kokkola and Pietarsaari in March. West side story
One week in residence at Villa Vikan in February.


New Cd release with Double Image , Autumn thoughts coming in november. Release gigs in Turku, Pietarsaari and Vaasa.


Staying in residens in Arenys de mar in Spain 10-31.10.
Playing with Emma Klingenberg in Turku. J’oublie
Double image in residens at Villa Vikan recording new stuff and gigs in Turku, Pietarsaari and Vaasa
Conducting the Finnish airforce big band in Jyväskylä 7.9 Soitellen sotaan
Conducting/teaching on the big band camp in Parainen from 23-27.7 Big band camp 2018
Working as curator for BMU (wind music projekt in Finland and Scandinavia) 2018. BMU
One week in residence at Villa Vikan in May to make and rehearse music for uppcoming recording  sessions with duo Double image in June.
Playing and rehearsal new music for and with Fort big band in April and May. FORT BIG BAND
Playing with Ostrobothnia Jazz sextet music by Piazzolla in Vasa,Turku, Jakobstad and Kiel(Germany).Hotel Astor

IMG_6976 Ostrobothnia Jazz Sextet - Promokuva MEDIUM

Writing new arrangements of Finnish military music for the army force big band 100- anniversary concert in september.
Playing with Emma Klingenberg in Jakobstad.
Working with arrangements in Verona in February for Topelius concert with orchestra and  vocal soloists.
Performing People “Pollution” part 2 in January in Vasa with Malviniemi dance company and Peter Enroth and Stefan Backas


Staying in residence at  VICC (Visby international center for composers) for two weeks in december. VICC web
Premier of People “Pollution” 10.8 in Vasa.
A performance for dance, two musicians, sound designer and video media about our relation to the environment. Photo: Marcus Lervik
New record out with music by Anna Kruse and lyrics by Edith Södergran. Arrangements for big band and vocal group and Anna K. Nordisk Big Band poesi by The Pagsberg Big Band and vocals. My arrangements are SKUM and STJÄRNENATTEN.
New record by Peter Nordwall feat. Johanna Grussner. Peter saxophones , Me piano, Ape Anttila bass and Markus Ketola drums.
New record with vocal group Nya toner and my arrangements of old folksongs from Finnish/swedish tradition for male vocals and jazz group.
“Reunion” of Groove missile celebrating Finland 100 with guest solist Mathias Sandberg on guitar. Doo bop club
Conducting and playing gigs with Fort big band and solist Charlotta Kerbs “Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald”. Doobop club
Conducting the Swedish school music event (Skolmusik 2017) concert in Korsholm with 7000 children in the choir i May. DUNK
Conducting own arrangements for big band and sinfonietta in concert with “American songbook”  repertoire in Jakobstad. Schaumanhall
In residence in Verona writing arrangements for Anna Kruse and “The Big band and the vocals” in Denmark. Facebook
Arrangements for the concert “Spegling” with artists and music from  Finland-Swedish tradition. Kulturfonden
Scholarship from Svenska kulturfonden (Swedish culture foundation in Finland) for working freelance 2017.


 Conducting and playing at Wasa theather christmas conserts ” Julkonsert med Lytts och vänner” Wasa teater , You tube
In residence at Villa Vikan in november writing music for Finland 100-anniversery next year
Playing /conducting in Stockholm  on the swedish-finnish chamber of commerse 80 years anniversary at the hotel Grand.
Playing with Bothnia rhythm orchestra in Finland and Sweden in october.  Bro big band .
Conducting the Finnish air force Big band( Ilmavoimien big band) in concert with vocal group Club for five Paviljonki
Conducting Turku Jazz orchestra with solist Satu Sopanen and music for children by Finnish composers.Spotify
Recording my arrangements of music by Astor Piazzolla with Ostrobothnia  jazz Sextet in august.
Conducting/teaching on the big band camp in Parainen from 25-29.7. DUNK- homepage
Conducting a musical showcase in Pietarsaari in May.New Music Theatre
Heres a tribute to Astrid Lindgren. An arrangement for Brassquintet with here most famous songs. YouTube score
Celebrating my 50-year birthday at the Bocks brewery in Vaasa having jam session with my family and friends 30.3
Residence at Villa Vikan in march  Villa Vikan
Gigs with the Trio med bambi ensemble at Stockholm city theatre 3-4.3 Trio med bambi
Playing music of Lars Gullin with Micke Lånbacka in Vasa 17.2
Conducting Sugar in Tampere  Tampereen Teatteri “Sugar”


Christmas concert at Wasa theatre in December
Premier of People II in Pietarsaari at the RUSK chamber-music festival 19.11
Gig with music of Dave Brubeck with jazz quartet at the Doobop club 14.11
Gigs with the Trio med bambi ensemble at Stockholm city theatre 26-30.10
Premier of the musical ”Sugar ” in the Tampere theatre 10.9
Gig with Double image in Vasa at the culture night festival 6.8
Big band camp in July in Pargas 20-24.7
Concerts with Bothnia rhythm orchestra and Toby Loth in Vasa and Helsinki
Residence in Cite International Paris in March and April

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